After Surgery



Once you have become stable and met discharge criteria, you will be able to go home.  Most patients are discharged within an hour or two after surgery.  You will receive written discharge instructions for post surgical care at home and when to return to the physician post-op visit.  Your escort or surrogate must be available to discuss and sign these instructions before you will be allowed to go home.  You will experience sleepiness and dizziness for 12-24 hours based on the method of sedation you were given.  DO NOT DRIVE A CAR OR OPERATE MACHINERY.  If you have questions after your surgery please call the on call doctor at 770-962-9977.  This is not an emergency after care facility.  Dial 911 or go to the emergency room if you have a life threatening emergency.  You will be contacted by a nurse at the surgery center the day after your surgery to check on you.