Dr. Jean-Claude Schwartz

Dr. Jean-Claude Schwartz

As a cancer survivor himself, Dr. Schwartz has a passion for taking care of breast cancer patients and providing them with the highest standard of care available anywhere in the world. Dr. Schwartz is the only fellowship trained breast surgeon in Gwinnett County, and he is one of the few breast cancer surgeons in the country with formal training in oncoplastic breast surgery.

Dr. Schwartz attended Cornell University in New York for his undergraduate studies.  He then attended Albert Einstein College of Medicine to receive his M.D. Ph.D.  His intership  and resident program studies were at Emory University Hospital, Department of Surgery.

Dr. Schwartz did a fellowship in Breast Cancer Surgery at Yale University. Dr. Schwartz then completed a year of additional training in reconstructive surgery in Paris, London, Milan, Brazil, and New Zealand. Dr. Schwartz is one of only a handful of breast cancer surgeons in the United States with extensive "oncoplastic training". This unique training has allowed him to avoid performing a mastectomy in most women with breast cancer. His expertise also allows him to virtually eliminate common deformities associated with breast cancer surgery. He also performs less invasive lymph node surgery that minimizes the chance of developing lymphdema.

In addition, Dr. Schwartz has published numerous articles and book chapters in the field of oncoplastic surgery and has been  an invited lecturer at multiple national meetings.


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Dr Schwartz's Peer Reviewed Publications


A New Approach to Nipple Sparing Mastectomy and Reconstruction in the High Risk Ptotic Patient

Total Single-Stage Autologous Breast Reconstruction with Free Nipple Grafts: A Modified Goldilocks Procedure

Extending the Indications for Autologous Breast Reconstruction Using a Two-Stage Modified Goldilocks Procedure: A Case Report

Oncoplastic Surgeons Heros or Villains

Improved Outcomes with Pedicled Nipple-sparing Mastectomies Using a New Surgical Delay: Mastectomy through Wise Incisions

Surgical Delay Facilitates Pedicled Nipple-sparing Mastectomy and Reconstruction in the Ptotic Patient

Total Single-Stage Autologous Breast Reconstruction with Free Nipple Grafts

Case report of a definitive autologous reconstruction in a patient requiring immediate postoperative anticoagulation and reduced operative time

Goldilocks Mastectomy: A Safe Bridge to ImplantBased Breast Reconstruction in the Morbidly Obese

Oncoplasty as the Standard of Care in Breast Cancer Surgery

New Approach to Oncoplastic Breast Conservation

Unilateral Reconstruction of the Large Breast

Toward a More Definitive Goldilocks Mastectomy: Simultaneous Addition of the Lateral Intercostal Perforator Flap

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